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Originally built for N-Gage only, but the 1.1.0 release supports all smartphones that include Nokia's Java UI extensions and have screen resolution of 176x208 (N-Gage/Series 60 original) or higher. Has been reported to work on many Sony Ericsson models and looks absolutely wonderful on a large Nokia 9300/9500 screen!

ROTO2 available now adds support for all modern MIDP2 phones. Enjoy.

Realistic Physics Engine

Unique Gameplay

Addictive Action

Totally FREE!

Download ROTO2 now!

Update 2008-03-16: ROTO2 available also from the Aivola site.

Update 2008-03-13: ROTO2 GetJar release.

Update 2007-08-23: ROTO2 released exclusively to The new goodies include:

  • MIDP2 support
  • Handling of any screen resolution
  • Improved level design
  • More varied rotating objects
  • Moving targets
  • ..and more!

Update 2006-01-02: ROTO 1.1.2 released: All sound problems should be gone now.. Thanks for your feedback!

Update 2006-01-02: I have received many complaints about missing sound on 1.1.0 release. A bug fix release 1.1.1 has been distributed to a limited test group now. Stay tuned - a public fix will be available soon.

Update 2005-12-31: ROTO 1.1.0 released. Problems related to some S60 versions fixed, for example Nokia 6670 works just fine now (thanks Jan again). Supports bigger than 176x208 screens now, so feel free to enjoy ROTO on your Series 80 Nokia 9300/9500 Communicator!

Update 2005-12-15: Lot's of good comments flowing in! Some people even like the game :) You might want to join the discussion here . And compatibility issues are also clearing out. These has been reported working: Sony Ericsson K750i (thanks Mutifus!), Sony Ericsson V600 (thanks res!), Sony Ericsson K700 (thanks spear!), Sony Ericsson K700i (thanks Thygrrr!). I always thought that Sony Ericsson implementing Nokia specific APIs better than Nokia was an internet urban legend, but evidence is convincing.. ROTO doesn't even start on Nokia 6670 (thanks Jan anyway!). Yes, that's most likely bad news for many older "less than enough runtime memory" S60 models.

Update 2005-12-13: ROTO has been reported to work well on Nokia 6630. That's absolutely wonderful news! Thanks DinkyDino!

Update 2005-12-11: Original version 1.0.0 was released.

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